'A retrospective of filmmaker Owsley Brown at BAMPFA' on the San Francisco Chronicle by Pam Brady by Tina Tom

"[Owsley Brown] has gone on to have a notable career in documentary filmmaking, and Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive is honoring him with a retrospective, “Owsley Brown: A Filmmaker’s Journey.” Screenings will feature his latest work, the feature “Serenade for Haiti” and the short “Offerings from Nangchen.” His 2000 Independent Spirit Award-winning debut, “Night Waltz: The Music of Paul Bowles,” and others of his earlier films also are part of the program."

“This was a community that I was getting to know and was certainly feeling a heartfelt connection to,” Brown says, “and I wanted to try to share with the world this amazing — best as I could — portrait of these extraordinary people.”

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'Owsley Brown, A Filmmaker’s Journey' at BAMPFA on today's BayFlicks BY LINCOLN SPECTOR  by Tina Tom


"Documentarian Owsley Brown does more than make movies. He’s a civic leader, a businessman, and a winemaker.

And he’s made three feature-length films about music, all of which will be screened at the PFA. I’ve seen one of them, Serenade for HaitiI liked it. The others are Night Waltz: The Music of Paul Bowles and Music Makes a City." 

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SERENADE FOR HAITI is coming to Louisville as part of the 2017 Flyover Film Festival! by Tina Tom

Producer Christy McGill: “The subjects of the film are artists who have a great sense of purpose in their art, their school and their community. They’re putting this wonderful, high-minded but also realistic, concrete community at the forefront and making it a priority at a great cost to themselves.”

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