'A retrospective of filmmaker Owsley Brown at BAMPFA' on the San Francisco Chronicle by Pam Brady by Tina Tom

"[Owsley Brown] has gone on to have a notable career in documentary filmmaking, and Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive is honoring him with a retrospective, “Owsley Brown: A Filmmaker’s Journey.” Screenings will feature his latest work, the feature “Serenade for Haiti” and the short “Offerings from Nangchen.” His 2000 Independent Spirit Award-winning debut, “Night Waltz: The Music of Paul Bowles,” and others of his earlier films also are part of the program."

“This was a community that I was getting to know and was certainly feeling a heartfelt connection to,” Brown says, “and I wanted to try to share with the world this amazing — best as I could — portrait of these extraordinary people.”

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'Owsley Brown, A Filmmaker’s Journey' at BAMPFA on today's BayFlicks BY LINCOLN SPECTOR  by Tina Tom


"Documentarian Owsley Brown does more than make movies. He’s a civic leader, a businessman, and a winemaker.

And he’s made three feature-length films about music, all of which will be screened at the PFA. I’ve seen one of them, Serenade for HaitiI liked it. The others are Night Waltz: The Music of Paul Bowles and Music Makes a City." 

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SERENADE FOR HAITI is coming to Louisville as part of the 2017 Flyover Film Festival! by Tina Tom

Producer Christy McGill: “The subjects of the film are artists who have a great sense of purpose in their art, their school and their community. They’re putting this wonderful, high-minded but also realistic, concrete community at the forefront and making it a priority at a great cost to themselves.”

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Courier-Journal: Kentucky films make it big at LA Film Festival, SXSW - and now at home by Tina Tom

KY connected films are making a splash, including our very own SERENADE FOR HAITI

In the article, Louisville-born director Owsley Brown reveals that, "...one of the school’s most impactful past directors and one of the most important living Haitian composers, Julio Racine, made Louisville his home many years ago and still lives here today with his wife, Nina, who taught many students ... at the Brown School."

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